General Information


Associate Professor Ch’ng provides services for a wide range of conditions.

Dr Ch’ng sees patients in her rooms at Camperdown and North Sydney. Please click here for maps showing the location of her rooms.

She operates at:

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown
  • The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse (opposite Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)
  • The Mater Hospital, North Sydney
  • Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Making an appointment

Please contact Dr Ch’ng’s secretary on 02 8514 1460.

When you ring, please be prepared to answer some questions regarding the type of problem you are coming for. These questions help us understand how urgent the appointment is, so that we can schedule your appointment accordingly. We may also ask you to fax/ email details regarding your biopsy and imaging results. This will help us make your appointment, and allow Dr Ch’ng to plan ahead.

Please do tell us if you are seeking a second opinion from us. It is understandable that patients would like to do this. This enables us to understand your needs better.

Important information for your first appointment

You will need a referral from your general practitioner or specialist. This may be faxed through or brought with you.

You may still attend without a referral, but you may not be able to claim your Medicare rebate.

In most cases, an information pack will have been sent to you – please bring the completed forms with you if you have not emailed/ faxed through them earlier. If you have not received an information pack, you will need to fill out an information sheet on arrival.

Please bring with you:

  • Your Medicare card
  • Any health fund details
  • Any pension or health care card details
  • Any relevant Xrays or scans
  • Any reports of biopsies or test results related to your condition
  • A list of your current medications
  • If you have had recent surgery or treatment, it is helpful to bring the contact details of your previous surgeon or specialist
  • If you have any significant medical conditions and see other specialists or doctors for these, bring as much information as you can, as it may be relevant in planning for surgery
  • If you cannot speak English well and need help understanding or explaining yourself, bring along a relative or friend who can translate for you
  • A list of any questions you may have

Dr Ch’ng allocates longer appointment times for new patients.

Patients from regional or remote locations

Please notify Dr Ch’ng if you are a patient who is travelling from afar. Where possible, she will endeavour to organise consultations, investigations, and treatment so that they can be performed on a single visit (e.g. all within a few days).

What is the difference between ‘private’ and ‘public’ patients?

Dr Ch’ng does not prioritise patients based on their insurance status. The urgency of your appointment will be based on the type of problem you have. Dr Ch’ng sees both private and public patients in her rooms.

Private patients

Dr Ch’ng operates on private patients at The Mater Hospital and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Dr Ch’ng does not discriminate between private and public patients in terms of urgency of their condition. However, having private health insurance means that there are additional operating lists available, and often a shorter wait period. Other benefits of having private health insurance are that Dr Ch’ng will personally perform your procedure, and you are more likely to have a single room.

It is possible to have your surgery done privately without having health insurance. You can discuss this with us at your appointment, if you wish.

Public patients

Dr Ch’ng operates on public patients at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and Concord Repatriation General Hospital.

Cosmetic surgery patients

Purely cosmetic procedures are not rebatable by Medicare or private health funds, which Dr Ch’ng will discuss with you at your first consultation. It is usually impractical or inaccurate to provide fee estimates over the phone, as surgical requirements are unique for every individual.